Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of cuisine is it?

A: New Korean American (NKA), Contemporary Californian, Fusion? We don't really care what you call it. We do our best to serve incredible, thoughtful food using the freshest and finest ingredients from our Namu Farm and beyond, in a neighborhood context.

Q: Do you offer take-out?

A: Not during dinner service. We only offer take-out during lunch or via our large format, pick up only To-Go site on the top left tab. Perfect for tailgating or holiday parties and potlucks!

Q: Do you cater?

A: Yes, we are available to do a wide range of off-site events, including corporate events, weddings, office lunch, private parties and more! Visit our To-Go site for large format pick up orders found in our Online Marketplace or fill out our Events Inquiry Form for additional inquiries.

Q: Do you take reservations or offer group dining for large parties?

A: Please visit our reservation page.

Q: How does the wait list app work?

A: The first person in your party should put their name down for the group with an estimate of when the rest of your party will arrive. You are welcome to stay and order drinks at the host stand. We will quote you a time, take down a name and mobile number, in case you want to leave and come back. When your table is almost ready we will send you a text. Have your phone ringer on and close to you. Your table is only guaranteed up to 15 minutes past the time we send out our text. If you or any members in your party will be running late, please call us at 415-431-namu and we will do our best to accommodate your party. The closest place to grab a drink? 500 Club @17th St. & Guerrero St. .

Q: Is your first restaurant Namu at 439 Balboa st still around?

A: No, after 5 years we decided to close. Namu, opened at the end of 2006 in the far reaches of San Francisco’s inner Richmond district. Namu developed a steady following of locals with its Korean- inflected food, cool intimate design and warm hospitality. As word got out, locals were joined by culinary professionals and others from all regions of the Bay Area. At the end of service on December 24, 2011, the Lees shuttered Namu to make way for their new pursuit, Namu Gaji.

Q: What does Namu Gaji mean?

A: In Korean, Namu means tree/wood and Gaji means branch. Namu, the original (now closed) restaurant was named, with in mind the Taoist elemental approach to life. Since wood is the element most beneficial to Chef Dennis Lee's constitution, it's been used in the construction of both restaurants as the anchoring design feature. Our newest restaurant Namu Gaji is an extension of the original location, it seemed only natural to name it tree branch.

Q: Why does the menu change?

A: Our menu changes daily and with the season. We source virtually all of our ingredients from the Namu Farm and other local, sustainable and/or responsible farmers, ranchers and producers. We employ a "nose to tail" approach and the menu will reflect such changes. Read more about the Namu Farm.

Q: How is the parking situation?

A: Please allow extra time for parking if driving, it can be tricky depending on the time of day. There is street parking around the restaurant, as well as valet services and paid parking lots along Valencia St near by.

Paid garages near by: Hoff St Garage at 42 Hoff St (between 17th St & 16th St)

Mission & Bartlett Garage at 90 Bartlett St (between 21st St & 22nd St)

Q: What if I don't eat meat, gluten, nuts or dairy?

A: We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and our menu now specifies which items are/or can be made gluten free or vegetarian. For all other dietary restrictions, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we will do our best to accommodate; please also notify your server before you decide on what to eat.

Q: Do you charge corkage?

A: Yes, $30 a bottle. We will waive the fee for every bottle purchased.

site by: Ryan Bolin and photographs by: Mohammad Gorjestani