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Namu Produce Boxes-Waste less Food, More Variety, Just the Right Amount of Cooking

january 16, 2011 10:23pm

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We introduce the Namu produce box to get your vegetable intake for the week without having to make a trip to the farmers market. Who else to pick out the best local bounty at its peak than your neighborhood chef? CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes are great but chances are you only need to feed a few people at the most. Even large families have a difficult time processing 1.5 lbs of arugula, 5 lbs of tomatoes, or 3 lbs of mixed peppers that come in the usual CSA's. Throwing away leftovers from the weekly produce boxes is something we’ve all been guilty of. For these reasons, we have improved the model and included a scaled down option to the csa with more variety and added a Namu element: we will have weekly ready-to-cook proteins like marinated chicken wings, korean style short ribs and miso marinated fish for people to purchase along with jars of Namu hot sauce, kimchee or pickles. All available during our delicious brunch service, so you can do your shopping and grab a healthy and unique brunch all in one go.

An estimated 40 percent of what produce farmers grow, ends up in the garbage and more than 25 percent of our precious fresh water is consumed by the food we throw out. As San Franciscans we also like to eat out at least a few meals per week making Namu produce boxes the best option to cook half the week and eat out half the week. More variety of produce with less waste and less of a commitment to cooking all week is the highlight of the Namu produce box. We include recipes and an open dialogue with Chef Dennis Lee via email.

The boxes are available for pick-up during brunch from 10am-3p to people who preorder for $15/light box and $25/bountiful size box! We will have boxes available for “walk ins” for an additional $3/box, until supplies last. All produce is hand picked by Namu Chef Dennis Lee. This month all produce boxes come with a free Namu speciality item.

To preorder email with produce box quantity by midnight on Friday for pickup on the following Sunday.


Sunday 1/16 box included:
Red fingerlings
yellow spring onions
brussel sprouts
French radish
baby carrots
Baby puntarelle (special heirloom chicory!)
Baby shanghai bok choy
Calendula flower
Pickled shallots
Namu specialty item for preorders: Dennis' house-made prosciutto!

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december 19, 2010 09:22pm

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(Candida, vegetarian & gluten-free options are available with advanced notice). The kitchen will be open until midnight Christmas eve & New Year’s eve, the regular menu will also be available.

Christmas eve:

In Taoist numerology, five being the sum of two (yin) and three (yang), the number five is a symbol for good luck. Its associated with the 5 elements (water, wood(namu), fire, earth & metal) and five blessings (wealth, happiness, longevity, luck & prosperity). We invite you to dine with us at Namu on Christmas eve for the "5 blessings" five course menu for only $40. This menu is as follows:

-fresh seaweed salad w/ume sesame dressing
-grilled Hog Island oysters, garlic ginger ponzu & yuzu zest
-black trumpet, porcini, and matsutake koshihikari rice risotto
-peking duck crepe

New Years eve:

Japanese new years involves eating specific foods to symbolize meanings such as joy, health & energy for the coming year. Other activities can include drinking sake to prevent family illness from evil spirits(a namu favorite) and the ringing of a bell 108 times to flush away the previous years 108 sins. Please celebrate with us at Namu this New Years eve by ending this year with our "108 Bells" five course menu for $40. Flush away your 108 sins with us & gear up for an evening of fresh ones!

-Hog Island Oysters
-Kaiso Salad ume sesame dressing
-dashi braised daikon, oxtail, garlic
-crab noodles of spaghetti, dark soy, crab fat, picked Dungeness crab meat
-Tobiroku pat bing su, a concoction of shaved ice, sparkling sake, condensed milk, red bean, fresh fruit and green tea ice cream.

Reserve your table for the special 5 course menu via 415.386.8332 or

Team Namu
-buche de noel

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